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Tracy Adler is a former restaurant owner and mother of two. She created Yum Yum Dishes™ to help parents teach their children about correct portion size and is a strong advocate in the fight against childhood obesity. For more information or to place an order visit


Tracy Adler created Yum Yum Dishes when she realized she was snacking too much following the birth of her second child. After a few weeks of divvying out snacks in pre-measured portions, she not only taught her first son, Elliot, about healthy eating, but managed to get back in her pre-pregnancy jeans ahead of schedule. Her four ounce Yum Yum Dishes are a big hit. She immediately began using the dishes in her Asheville NC restaurant and helped locals and tourists practice portion control. Guests who ordered food in a Yum Yum Dish took the dish home after their meal.


Tracy Adler's journey from her home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan to her home in Asheville, North Carolina is sprinkled with a fondness for change. She spent three years in the Army, left Michigan for good when she was recruited as Program Manager for a plastics engineering firm in South Carolina, spent two years in Sedona, Arizona on a working vacation, and settled in Asheville, North Carolina following the purchase of Café on the Square. Tracy now resides in Atlanta GA with her two young children.

While working at the newly-acquired Café, Tracy was approached by Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby and asked if she'd be interested in becoming a model for Burt's Bees skincare line. Quite a whirlwind from plastics engineer to restaurateur and model!

It was during Tracy's maternity leave after having her second child Rachel that she realized she was snacking almost all day long – and she wasn't alone! First-born Elliot was bellying up to the old snack bar just as often. Recognizing her family's unhealthy eating habits, Tracy came up with the Yum Yum Dish™.

Yum Yum Dishes™ measure just four ounces and are the perfect size for portioning out treats and snacks to little ones. They are ideal for adults who are trying to keep a handle on portion size as well. A serving of chips becomes an actual serving; not half the bag!

The Yum Yum Dish™ was introduced to patrons of her restaurant when Tracy added them to the menu. Specialty appetizers and desserts are served in the ceramic dishes and then cleaned & packaged up for guests to take home after the meal. The popularity of Tracy's Yum Yum Dishes™ led to her inspiration to expand portion control in the Café. She decided to add two innovative items to her menu that would underscore her commitment to encouraging people to eat "everything in moderation."

The "9Plate," which is a nine-inch plate portion of select salads and entrees (at a reduced price) became equally popular. The typical restaurant dinner plate size is 11 to 13 inches! The idea of the 9Plate is to enjoy the amazing foods the Café had to offer, but within the limits of a healthier portion size.

Tracy is an expert contributor to Hollander Home Fashion's Comfort Council. When she isn't coming up with brilliant new ways to help people eat better, she's spending time with Rachel and Elliot.
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The Yum Yum Dish™ Story

Yum Yum Dishes™ are the creation of Mom and former restaurant owner, Tracy Adler. During maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Rachel, Tracy developed "a strong relationship" with her pantry door. With each visit to the pantry, she found herself saying "I can eat this - I'm breastfeeding," or "I need a few extra calories!" Though she would pop open a jar of peanuts, or a bag of chips for what she intended to be a quick nibble, Tracy inevitably carried the goodies back to the couch and before she knew it, would consume half the bag! What bothered her more than the calories was the fact that she wasn't even consciously aware of how much she was eating.

Tracy's son Elliot was just 3 years old when his baby sister Rachel was born. When Tracy recognized her uncontrolled snacking, she realized that Elliot was also snacking all day long. She regretted having encouraged such negative eating habits in her son, especially in the face of a rising prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States.

Tracy came across some odd-sized little bowls at her restaurant that she took home and used as treat dishes. These little dishes could hold a handful of peanuts or 6 cheese puffs; 7 strawberries or 5 vanilla wafers. No matter what the snack, it was almost impossible to over eat…unless, of course she kept refilling the bowl! But, since refills were a conscious act, Tracy found she could better recognize just how much she and her family were snacking.

"I could always make the choice to stop," Tracy explains. "Instead of losing count of how many trips I'd made to the pantry for 'just a few chips,' I filled my treat dish knowing that I was getting one single-serving."

The little dishes were a hit with Elliot, who loved that they were kid-sized. Tracy loved having a better handle on her eating habits, and within months, she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight and more importantly, back into her old jeans! Instead of completely denying herself the indulgence of fat and carbs, Tracy simply adjusted her "fooditude," and successfully limited the in-take.

Tracy gave her sister a few little dishes and passed on her new way to curb over-snacking. It didn't take long for it to occur to her that everyone might like to consider using smaller bowls, and eating smaller portions. Thus, the Yum Yum Dish™ idea was born. With the help of artist Robert Sheeran, Tracy spent about six months developing the 4 ounce ceramic bowls and began offering them at her former restaurant as gift items, or as part of an appetizer or dessert order (patrons get to keep the Yum Yum Dish™ their food arrived in).

Yum Yum Dishes™ are available through Tracy's website, They are dishwasher safe (though they really love to be hand-washed). Presented in four colors, each bowl also includes some encouragement to end your snacking, letting you know that "Yum Yum time is....Over."

The very popular Yum Yum Dishes™ message of "all things in moderation" inspired Tracy to apply that same healthful concept to the menu at Cafe on the Square, where diners can order smaller portions of gourment dishes for lunch or dinner.

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